Week 3: June 7 to June 11, 2010

Monday, June 7: I started the week working with John Pepitone on two stories: one that focused on the economic revitalization of downtown Kansas City, Ks.  In addition, I worked on a story that focused on the repairs of the central bridge in downtown Parkville, Mo.   I also conducted my first interview with a Missouri Department of Transportation (MODoT) employee.   After we returned to the newsroom, I logged the interview and made two VO/SOTs for the 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. newscasts and finished up the day with a live shot at Kansas City, Ks.

Tuesday, June 8: Today, I worked with Tess Koppelman on a story that focused on a Clay County, Mo. man that traveled across all the state’s local and state highways in his 1999 Pontiac Spitfire.  He was called by Missouri Life Magazine as Missouri’s “King of the Road.”     Later that afternoon, I worked on writing a rough draft of my version of Tess’ package.  I also tried to help out my fellow intern Erin by trying to teach her the art of logging tape, however the tape we were going to use did not have any interviews on it.  So much for being a big help! Finally, I ended the day by going into the studio’s control room and inside the studio observing the 5 p.m. newscast.

Wednesday, June 9: The big story of the day involved a collapsed building in Kansas City, Mo.  I teamed up with John Pepitone again and we headed towards the building.  While we were there, the building was being prepared to be demolished by the city.  Besides the building being demolished, we conducted three interviewers with a Greek property owner, a bitter maintenance guy and a woman who lived in the building that could not get her belongings out before demolition.  Since we were on site,we remained there to cover a segment during the 12 p.m. newscast.   John told me that if we covered breaking news during the 12 p.m. broadcast, we would not be doing a VO/SOT on a local store at Oak Park Mall protesting about oil.    Unfortunately, the producers for both shows had it in their rundowns and I had to jump and speed log and type the VO/SOT.   That’s when I made my first professional mistake: the Mall Oil Protest story involved the Canadian Tar Pits NOT the Gulf Coast…still I owned up to my mistake and took George’s wraith but I learned to write a correct story every single time…but there was another person’s wraith I had to face tomorrow…

Thursday, June 10: This was the most difficult day so far in my internship.  A reporter who I liked, took me aside and orally attacked my inquisitiveness  and said very unpleasant remarks which concluded that I will not be working with her this summer.  I had worked with her for one day, my second day of the internship.  As much as my feelings were hurt, I stood tall as she was criticizing me.  She made my day miserable.  This confrontation shook me to the core two reasons: One, she did not give me time to respond to her verbal attack and two, she made it personal.  It will be hard for me to take the high road when I run into her, but I will continue to remain a hard worker and be as diligent as possible.

Despite all the drama of the day, I managed to complete half of a big project-the Weekend Calendar VOs.   This project was designed to have an anchor tell Kansas City the number of events that were happening this weekend at the end of Friday’s 5 p.m. newscast.   In addition I also observed the Noon newscast in the control room and the studio.  Finally, my highlight of my day involved an intriguing conversation with Senior Anchor Phil Witt about the collapse of the BIG 12 Conference.

Friday, June 11: I almost decided not to head to work this day because of yesterday’s event.  However I am not a quitter and I wanted to prove that I could go in there and begin anew.   The station thought that John and Tess should cover the impact of the BIG 12 Conference collapsing in front of our eyes.  I worked with Tess on the history of BIG 12 and met with Nebraska fans at one of their hangout spots.   Finally, I completed the day with finishing up the Weekend Calendar and observed the 5 p.m. newscast.

Skill of the Week: Producing 101

This week I observed the producers of both the Noon and 5 p.m. newscasts.  They are involved in every aspect of the newscasts.  It was very interesting to see how Heidi, Randy and the other producers handle working with time limits and dealing with everyone from on-air talent to on-the-scene reporters.    One example that impressed me was on Tuesday when the Kansas City area experienced a huge storm, our Chief Meteorologist went literally seven minutes over his segment, Heidi did not panic about this and began to cut stories from the newscast.   Over the next couple of weeks, I hope to continue to work with these talented people.


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  1. it was a personal attack based on her insecurity about your wanting to learn more about the business. dont stop. keep your story and dont compromise. people like this will ultimately fail with or without you. “and said very unpleasant remarks which concluded that I will not be working with her this summer.”

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